Sunday, 8 August 2010

Past to Present

Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Live Brief Term 3)
This was a group project which we were required to produce and maintain a blog of our research/progress/development throughout the project. Working with Team 8 (We were named 'TEAM AWESOME!' To view our work you can view our blog:
The images above show my wooden laser cut birds which I used to attempt to hand print some cards for our presentation. However I didn't buy the correct ink and the plan fell through. However, I wanted to show you them because I think they looked good as a piece themselves. The original was paper thin. I had to adjust the thickness of the vector in Illustrator for the second try. The bird design was recycled from my doodles earlier in the year :) I'd like to make some more next year using offcuts or maybe experiment with acrylic (which I'll have to pay for but I think would be worth it). I'd like to make these as presents/gifts for people in the future.

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