Friday, 19 November 2010

Construction: The Great Wall (Part 2)

...To Finish!
The end product after everyone submitted their work :) Pretty good I think.

Construction: The Great Wall (Part 1)

From start...
Everyone's characters have been submitted throughout the day. The wall has been made and taken down about 3 times and eventually it has been completed. Part 2 shows the final thing.

Finished my 'e'!!

The Final Outcome.
This is my larger 'e' made for the Great Wall of Type. My tutor introduced me to a wonderful technician downstairs in the textiles department and she allowed me to use the industrial type sewing machines. It took over 9 hours to produce using the machines but I finished :D The Great Wall is being constructed as I write... Let's see how it turns out.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Typograph'E' Final

At tea-time today I completed my 'e' for the Great Wall of Type!! Pics are to come but just wanted to let you know it's done :D Wooooop woop!! Bring on the Great Wall tomorrow... There are some great designs going on, it's fab! I haven't a clue how they're all going to stand up. Ha!
Will get photos up asap :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

D90s and the Photography Studio (Part 2)

Feeling Colourful!
This was at the third and last studio set we had to experiment with. Here I used a light and gels to filter the light different colours. I liked this effect. Was gutted when I found out there were more colours to choose from! The orange one is my favourite because it looks warm in this cold weather! :) P.s. I only chose to photograph my 'e' because I had it in my bag. It was either this or an empty water bottle.

D90s and the Photography Studio (Part 1)

DSLR D90 Studio Workshop.
Man it's been so long since I was in a Photography Studio in charge of a camera (and not being in front of it). We had a 3 hour tutorial yesterday with 4 groups rotating around 3 studio stations and a coffee break. Luckily me and the girls I was with did the 3 stops all way through so we got to download our images and go earlier :) That's always a bonus! Anyway, the first set was for practising portraiture, the second and third sets were for product photography. I didn't want to upload pictures of people on here without permission so they aren't on display. However the ones above aren't amazing but they show I'm trying. This set was one which was possible portable if necessary. These aren't the best images I've ever taken but it shows I played around instead of sticking with a plain white backdrop...

'E' is for......?

The Great Wall of Type (Year 2 Project)
Our mission is to fill the massive C.A.B building window with a 3D alphabet - created by each Communication Design student making a character (randomly picked out of a box) between 50cm to 100cm tall. I picked out an 'E' :D Yeay!! (Although I have decided to do a lower-case 'e' - Here is my Mock-up. The design is inspired by a dude called Pierre Di Sciullo. It took me over 8 hours to sew by hand as I didn't have a machine at home on Sunday night. This is 14cm tall (25% of final outcome). My deadline for the final 'E' is friday lunchtime when everyone will come together to build "The Great Wall of Type"... Let's hope it doesn't all topple over :) More photos to come when we finish the first part of brief. I also used my Dads DSLR (finally) to take a few more professional pictures). Hope you like :D

Monday, 8 November 2010

DSLR Re-training!

These are my attempt at a group 'outing' set by our tutors. We were given the task of experimenting with shutter speeds and the DSLR camera settings. I haven't used a DSLR for a long time (since college in 2006/7). I'm so excited to be able to get my hands on one again! I had a great friend explain all we were told in the classroom again out on campus so it was great to try it out myself. These are just 4 of the ones that featured as my workshop examples. I'm really happy with them. They may not be ground-breaking but they are a mile-stone to me :) Thanks guys for helping me! You are fab!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dare I say the 'B' word???

Website Design.
The last project we did has become a sore subject on our course. The 'Defining Britain' project caused many 2nd year student s a load of stress however I just wanted to show you the website design I submitted as part of my 3 final pieces required to submit. If you read one of my previous posts you may recognise the great old slide photographs from my Great Aunt which I ended up using for the bulk of this project.... Glad it's over!!