Friday, 13 August 2010

Retirement of a Printing Block

14 pieces wood type - (10) 1" high numbers 0-9 and 4 punctuation marks dollar sign ($), period (.), colon (:) and exclamation point (!).
Relating to typography work.
This reminds me of Dad.
Also think that the fact that it has been used in industry before almost retiring as a piece of decorative work is a brilliant aspect to the product :)

"Doesn't it make you think what have they been used for I wonder?"

Peacock Print

(A little Peacock Prints / 100 percent cotton cardstock).
I liked the simpleness of the design and the colour used.

Hannah Zakari

Found these lovely prints through a website called
The designer of these particular prints is called Kate Wilson.
Each print is aproximately A5 size and is being sold for around £20 per print.

Helvetica is good enough to eat!!

Helvetica cookie cutters!!! Oh my word, do I need to say more???
Note to self: Order a 'D' and an 'E'!!!

Funny Food!!

Mmmmmmm! BBQ for a friend's birthday party this week. Oh don't you just love a good burger? With lots of Ketchup? Mine squirted out like an 'e'. I was well chuffed :D
And I found a funny yogurt called 'Nom'. I thought that was really funny! I wonder if they are good enough to actually make you go "nom" when you eat them??

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Initial Ideas for Blog Post Signature

Doodles (11.08.2010)

A few doodles I have done this afternoon with freezing hands due to the silly air-con in the CAB building! Brrrrrr!!
I began to see what I could come up with for a banner/heading for inaglow. I ended up designing a signature for my blog posts instead...I'm wanting to make a small signature to use for some of my posts, so these are just try-outs.

Vault 49 (Photography)

Image from part of the Vault49 yahoo! project.
This is not on here due to the photography side of the photo but the whole idea of painting big! Bold and proud. A message. This is a bigger version of what I'd like to do with my I Heart Tea mini project. Just a reminder to myself more than anything.

Vault49 (Illustration)

Attention to Detail!
Look at how amazing the hair is here. Drawn by hand. Now I think that's impressive! Gorgeous.

Vault49 (Exhibition)

Vault49 Exhibition - 'Artful Dodger'
The presentation is innovative here. The use of space and the way the divided the sections was creative and different without sectioning off each area to itself. It was still very open - judging from the photos on the site.

Hyundai Map (3D & Set Design)

Another piece of 3D set design.
Such detail is amazing and it looks so much fun! I'm not going to bore you with any commentary like I normally do. I'll leave it there.

Yahoo! (3D & Set Design)

Building big! Building on a larger scale.
How much fun it must be to make a big project piece like these. Vault 49 range from illustration, to Typography to Web design and 3D/Set design. I love these guys. So much colour to work with too. One day I'd like to do a project on a large scale like this. May be in a team? I don't know.

Live Young

Evian - Paul Smith Clock
I was exploring resources for research and after following a link posted by Carole Guervin on Facebook it took me to the site of "Innovative Thunder". On here one of their projects was Evian related, and after exploring the site this was available. I wanted it so here it is :) Designer clock for all to see. Sweeet! you can ave one too. just go get it:

Last Supper

Last Supper Catering
This is a website designed by the Vault49 Design Company. I wanted to post it here because it's so gorgeous. Girls, you will love it because it SPARKLES!!! You run your mouse over the glamourous illustrations and parts of it throws fairy-dust at the mouse! Wow! The illustrations and the glossyness of the whole site reflects the high-class catering services provided by the company. A-list all the way.
Here's the site:

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Joyeux Noel (3D & Set Design)

United Fakes.
These guys are fab! They specialize in stop-motion. Everything is made from scratch and by hand in their studio. their work-life must be fun fun fun! "Joyeux Noel" is a funny little Christmas animation.
See their videos here:

Joyeux Noel:

Caixa Sabadell "Fem-Ho" 02:

Pen Tool

Getting back in touch with the 'Pen Tool'.
This is a gorgeous photo of my niece. She's adorable. As a practice-run I wanted something simple to draw so here is the progress so far. I think the pupil detail doesn't work very well - it makes her look scary instead of cute! Plus, how do you make a baby cute with the pen tool when they have no hair to show expressions? Hmm... Didn't think about that one. But I love her eyes. So bright and clear!

Me, Myself & My Little Projects

Another pair.
I've drawn another two. I wanted to see how they'd look if I filled one in completely, and how it would look if i left negative space. I prefer the designs with space left to break it up a little. Stops your eyes from going funny! I also think silver pen works better on dark card - not what I expected on brown card though.

Me, Myself & My Little Projects

Found the Font!
As I uploaded the last post I realized I didn't know what the "I Heart XXXX" official typeface for the products was. So after a short search I found out it was 'Copper Black' - found in the general font book of computers. Great :D So here we are. My final finished design. I wonder what i can use it for... Or how I could develop it?
I'd love to do a 'Tea Queen' project someday. Dedicated to my brilliant friend Alli. She can't get enough tea in a day :D

Me, Myself & My Little Projects

Do you love tea?
Please let me know what you think :)

Me, Myself & My Little Projects

Don't you just LOVE the pen tool??
I do!
Here's my first step towards my final I Heart Tea dream :D
Playing about with sizes/various line point sizes/filling etc.
Let's start playing with the text now...