Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation Design

Esther Orridge 2012

It's always baby season now at our church and here is another baby shower invitation I designed for a friend. She loves the vintage style so I took that on board and made this. I've not put it up before now as the Mummy-to-be only found out when she arrived at my house what was happening. The guests seemed to like the invite and it serves it's purpose. I plan to use this design again in the future. It was weird seeing them on people's mantle pieces :) Exciting to see my own work out there! Woo!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Baby Shower Invitation!

Esther Orridge 2012

I've been asked to orgonise and host another friend's baby shower in October this year. And the part of this I get most excited about (apart from the fact she's going to have a baby!!) is designing the invitations. This is my 3rd baby shower design. The Mummy-to-be's favourite colour is purple and they do not know if they are having a boy or girl. So it was natural/necessary to have purple as the colour scheme. They've printed out really well and came earlier from the printers than I expected. I'm so excited to send them out and I hope that she really likes the design even if her guests aren't so sure!! Just got to actually DO the baby shower now aaaaaah! :)

Friday, 3 August 2012

Booklet Design

Esther Orridge 2012
Esther Orridge 2012
I was recently asked to design a booklet for a Youth conference that has been put on this past week and hosted at my church. It was a good challenge as I'd not made a booklet from scratch before. Using a few skills I'd learned on placement I was able to produce this all by myself. I was given the copy, a form to put in it and 2 logos, but told to do whatever I wanted with it all. As I was limited for time I decided to keep it simple but crisp. They were printed and used this week. Each delegate received one as their guide for the week.
It's just a shame that it has to end. It's been so amazing and exciting! Thanks to everyone who came. It's been a brilliant week.