Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Party Treats!

Home-made cake treats left over from the party.
Me and my other birthday friend baked for the party. I made the two birthday cakes (Victoria Sandwiches) and she made loads and loads and loads of these cute cup-cakes! I just HAD to photograph them before they got eaten... Yes by me! I'd be surprised if you didn't know me that well yet. Ha! The chocolate fudge ones were my favourite... and oh yes I have 1 of each left for my husband - because I'm a good wife :D

Baby card!

Made for You by Me! 2011
More cards :)
I've made so many cards in the past week!! Here's the "New Baby" card I have made for an amazing couple from my church who had their beautiful baby girl last week. It would be so kool if I could make the butterflies myself - I can't take credit for this one though.

Monday, 4 July 2011


Following on from my invitation design, here is a photo of me from my 21st Do (joint with my wonderful friend Alice). It was a really fun night - with loads of food!!! I still have cake Mmmm!! Anyway, thought you'd like to see :)