Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Classy Ladies Night

Bibis (Leeds)
Bibis (Leeds)
Bibis (Leeds)

Well, to celebrate my brilliant friend Sian's (flygirldesign) 21st birthday I introduced her to the wonderful world of Bibis in Leeds. After work we decided to treat ourselves to a classy cocktail and a delicious desert and enjoy her upcoming mile-stone of 21 years! :D The images show us enjoying our treats (they really are worth saving up for a special occasion). This is the only place where I know that they will serve me a luxurious "Chocolate Martini" in England. I had one made specially on honeymoon in Mexico and couldn't find it on any menus since we got back. The staff are as amazing their uniform (sophisticated 20s bar tender style). It's even worth going to see their toilets! Shiny!
What a lovely evening spent with a close friend and 5* service. We were treat like "real Ladies of leisure".
If you want to find out more about Bibis in Leeds (walking distance from the train station) click the link below:

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Love Love Love!

Made for You by Me! 2012
Well I wanted to make Dave a card for Valentine's day. We don't really celebrate it (as we believe you shouldn't wait until a specific day to tell your certain person that you love them - it should be continuous in your relationship and also balanced through your actions) but I still wanted to make him something. He's not a card lover but he appreciates when someone has personally made the effort with it.
I was adamant that I wasn't going to use any brown or pink for this card (I'm still using up our brown wedding card supply). Although I love brown I wanted this to be separate.
I received a card and a massive box of yummy milk chocolates - that we shared :) Mmmmmm!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Easy Fundraising!

Please support Huddersfield Christian Fellowship

Do you shop online? iTunes, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Amazon.... Through easy fundraising you can shop as normal and for every purchase (if the store is registered with them) the company you buy from will donate either a percentage or fixed amount of your total spend to you selected charity. It costs you nothing but gives to the cause.
Our church has just registered and I thought it'd be great to ask if you would support us through this way - you can also raise 50p just by downloading the "easy fundraising tool bar" (that reminds you to shop through them). Please will you check it out (click the image) and support Huddersfield Christian Fellowship.
Thank you :)
P.s. This isn't a design post (unfortunately I didn't design the logo or anything).