Thursday, 8 July 2010

Funny Food Extra

While we're on the subject of eggs... Have you ever seen a BLUE egg??

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£1.60 per Special Eggs Box
£1.20 Per 'Normal' Brown Eggs (which are still special)
*10p discount if/when you return the egg box

NEW!!! Funny Food

Well I LOVE food!! And I like to play with it too. So I thought it would be kool to have a weekly Friday food spot on my blog to show you what I've been up to with food the week just gone. I've had this idea for weeks! It's just a bit of fun.
It'll also be a kind of diary of the progress of my culinary skills - practice for when I'm a wifey in December!! :D
This week I have mastered THE OMELET!! It's a milestone for me. I've had disasters with them before but this week I made one 3 days running (although day 3 was more scrambled egg but shhhhh!) . I've been missing Dave so with the help of my trusty alphabettie spaghetti I went back to my childhood and decided to be 5 again!! I forgot how flimsy and slimy it is though and why aren't there ever any intact 'H's??

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The only time I'll have 'Chimmy Joos' of my own!

And the colour has gone again! Sorry guys. I know it sucks! It will be back again shortly...
Stencils. Whenever I do any stencil work I have to make them from scratch. Any stencil I use is either from a drawing I have done myself or an image/photo printed and then with either I will cut the stencils out by hand - most of the time I do it without planning and voila there is my stencil.
For these two stencils, I used two Jimmy Choo shoe images and make and sprayed them myself for a piece of college work. I have also used these in a module for University (first year again). It worked a treat!
P.s. And now I'm getting even more embarrassed that the background is indeed supposed to be white. Oh the shame!!!

A Technique with No Name

Wow!! A post with actual colour has finally arrived on my blog page!! Hallelujah!!

I haven't a clue what this technique is called - or even if it is classed as an official technique - but most of the time I like the outcome.
The first image demonstrates my favourite way to use the watercolour-pain-blowing. I personally think it works well for flowers. The hint of colour used instead of block-colours makes it appear more delicate like a lily should be.
I can never decide whether I like the lips one or not. I think I just like the colour used. I'm a big fan of fuschia!

Still Lovin' the Lines

These more linear drawings (that look more like animals) suddenly came into being during my Freshers Year at Uni. I was in the middle of a group module working with "Team Awesome". It was awesome! Anyway, I began to doodle-draw these and they started off as "just lines" and eventually I kept making pretty lines join up and they developed into recognizable shapes - mainly animals. Eventually I decided to try manufacture the lines to make the markings into a planned shape. For example, see the cat/squirrel image. The original bird is my favourite. Made out of nothingness but turned out to be something beautiful. I still have no idea how I did it. I think I drew that in a meeting... oops!

P.s. Again, these are very raw images I appologise for their crudeness!

Lovin' the Lines

These are some other drawings/sketches/doodles I put into a sketchbook before I went to University. Again, I've posted them just for future reference and to show where I started from.

Down in the Doodles

In the summer of 2009 I decided I was fed-up of pointless doodling!! There IS no point to doodling!! So I decided that I'd begin doodle with a purpose. That anything could become a piece of work. These are the few I did over the summer months leading up to my Fresher Year at Huddersfield University. This is where I sub-consciously began the road to developing my own style.
This image/drawing was more of the beginning of an idea rather than a doodle. I thought it would be amazing to be able to draw out what's in your' mind/what your bank of thoughts are. It would be an un-ending web of memories, senses, emotions, experiences, images, secrets, dreams, do-not-forgets and the buds of your imagination waiting to bloom!! Even though it's not the greatest of demonstrations, this was all I could do at the time. Hand-drawn in my bedroom I was pleased with my work and one day I hope to extend, improve and develop this idea once I have the skills to do so.
I just wanted to share a bit of background on the sketches for future reference and for whenever I get to pick them back up again for development. I hope you like them. Thanks for reading :D
P.s. Please excuse the dreadful use of the image editor. My computer one is rubbish!

Let's get down to business...

Finally I have got something Design related to post!
I would like to introduce you to my little friend, Maud.
He has been on my A4 piece of white paper since before christmas time 2009! However, I haven't had the opportunity to bing him to life yet. I hope you think he's as charming as I do.
Maud is based on a present I bought my 2nd nephew, Elliott, before he was born for his christmas/baby shower present. I will photograph this toy at the next possible time I can to show you exactly what inspired me. I love him and can't wait to breath life into him and wake him up for adventures :D


Check It Out!! It's amazing and BIG - could fit a small person in it... Ha! :D Thanks Dave! Now I'm officially part of the Kath Kidston Crew. Received lots of other fabulous gifts from family today and Abigail's present - her groovy and girly 3D "Abigail's Room" bedroom door sign was a great hit!! She LOVED it :D

It's our Birthday!!

Twenty Year-Old Twins!!

"Happy Birthday Abigail!!!"

What a great start to the blogging experience. It's our 20th birthday today. P.A.R.T.Y!!
Dave's given SJ - my sister - my present as he's in Japan at the moment and I can't wait to see what it is. I love surprises, but I hate knowing they're coming!! I'll keep you posted and show you what I got :D Exciting!! I love birthdays, cake and all the wrapping paper!! Well keep an eye out for the surprise!