Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The only time I'll have 'Chimmy Joos' of my own!

And the colour has gone again! Sorry guys. I know it sucks! It will be back again shortly...
Stencils. Whenever I do any stencil work I have to make them from scratch. Any stencil I use is either from a drawing I have done myself or an image/photo printed and then with either I will cut the stencils out by hand - most of the time I do it without planning and voila there is my stencil.
For these two stencils, I used two Jimmy Choo shoe images and make and sprayed them myself for a piece of college work. I have also used these in a module for University (first year again). It worked a treat!
P.s. And now I'm getting even more embarrassed that the background is indeed supposed to be white. Oh the shame!!!

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