Thursday, 8 July 2010

NEW!!! Funny Food

Well I LOVE food!! And I like to play with it too. So I thought it would be kool to have a weekly Friday food spot on my blog to show you what I've been up to with food the week just gone. I've had this idea for weeks! It's just a bit of fun.
It'll also be a kind of diary of the progress of my culinary skills - practice for when I'm a wifey in December!! :D
This week I have mastered THE OMELET!! It's a milestone for me. I've had disasters with them before but this week I made one 3 days running (although day 3 was more scrambled egg but shhhhh!) . I've been missing Dave so with the help of my trusty alphabettie spaghetti I went back to my childhood and decided to be 5 again!! I forgot how flimsy and slimy it is though and why aren't there ever any intact 'H's??

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