Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wedding flowers (18 months on!)

Flowers originally from Forever Green Florist
Flowers originally from Forever Green Florist
After 18 months of marriage (can you believe that?!) I was given my wedding bouquet back. A close friend took it home after the wedding and dried it out so that I could keep it as a memory. I thought it might be interesting to photograph. I think in the future I'll get a frame/box for it and hang it up on display.
It just shows how good my florist was too! I can't recommend Forever Green Florist high enough. If you live near Huddersfield, she is THE one to go to! Seriously, she's amazing and a lovely person to work with. She will make it as de-stressed as possible and put her heart and soul into your flowers. Our flowers were perfect!

Paint your' pot UK style - my final pot

Painted at The Potter's Den (Holmfirth, Huddersfield)
A few posts ago I showed you the mug that it'd painted at the Potter's Den in Holmfirth. I got it back last week and here is the fired version. It's much brighter than I thought it'd be! But I really like it. It's also really nice to drink out of. I just didn't expect it to be glazed so shiny! Can you also see where I forgot to cover? School-boy error on the inside of the handle. Ooops!
If your looking for a chilled out experience where you can be as creative or relaxed as you like, then the Potter's Den is a great place to go. There are a variety of products to decorate starting at £5 and going up to £35. Light refreshments are also served to make the experience more comfortable. They make a good pot of tea there too! :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Happy Birthday Steph!

Made for You by Me! 2012
Here's a card I made on Sunday for a relative who is turning 9 years old. She's a fab girl and I hope that she's having/had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Steph :) x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Summer Crafting Weekend - Doncaster 2012

Cake decorative painting by Stephanie Weightman 2012
What an honour it was to be invited to go with my Mum to the Summer Crafting fare at Doncaster Racecourse (hosted by QVC). It was a brilliant day out and well worth the drive. We had a brilliant time and had so much for our eyes to take in that we had a hard time deciding where to go first. But my Mum - as organized as ever - kept us on the straight and narrow... But the highlight of the day was having the privilege or meeting the queen bee of QVC Stephanie Weightman. She is absolutely lovely!
My Mum had told me lots of good things about her but I'd never, consciously, seen her work before. As my Mum had the "special silver pin" we were allowed access to the VIP lounge where we got a hot drink. However, when we looked around the near empty room, Stephanie was sat waiting to be interviewed by Craig Rowe (a lovely presenter on QVC). It was fascinating and exciting to be able to watch them both be filmed for a future show on TV. They were both so professional and relaxed it mesmerized me! It was also encouraging to hear what she had to say. She is so genuine and passionate.
After the interview she was mingling with the other crafters in the lounge and later on my Mum and I were able to say hello. She gave me some advise and encouragement that I will never forget. Thank you Stephanie! :) What an honour!
Later on my Mum and I were drawn to the cake stalls (if you know me you know that I'm addicted to baking cake and eating it!) After being introduced to an amazing product - that I shall post on here when I use them - we realised Stephanie was behind the stall doing a demonstration of painting onto cake (the edible paint was part of the product they were selling). I was fascinated by how easily she painted. I can't paint very well so it was amazing to watch. So simple but beautiful. After the demo she gave me this sample to take away. Wow! It's like an edible Cath Kidston rose!! Now that's pretty hard to top on my awesomeness list! Ha!
Anyway, it was a great experience to go to such a craft fare. The atmosphere was so positive and friendly. Thank you for inviting, driving and taking me Mum. I think I have the bug for craft fares and shows now :) I hope I get to go to more in the future. Exciting times.

Ring Ring!

As a reminder of our day at the Summer Crafting fare (at Doncaster Racecourse) my Mum bought me this fab ring. It might not be up everyone's street but I LOVE it! It's chunky, funky and fits well. I just thought it was really kool and individual. See for more of their products.

Quick Cards!

Made for You by Me! 2012
Made for You by Me! 2012

Made for You by Me! 2012
These are some last minute cards I made last week. I am supposed to be on card duty at our Harvest Group (mid-week church group) but unfortunately I lost all the cards I was given for the job during our house-move! Ooops! So as the Harvest Group year comes to an end I wanted to make sure I at least got the last one's to the birthday people on time. So I rustled these up for the birthday people! I also made a "Thank You" card for our Harvest Group leaders for the whole group to sign and show how much we appreciated them. They've been fantastic and fun this year :) I've really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Notelets

Bought from Paperchase

I set out to find some fun and kool notelets/cards today. On my lunch break I came across these hidden at the back of Paperchase on sale! Score!! I thought they were very suited to what I required. I love tea, and cake, and I love to bake so I think that they reflect me perfectly! Look out because you might get one of these soon :) They are so lovely I almost don't want to send them out!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Becky's New House!

Made for You by Me! 2012
Becky has officially moved house! And what a lovely house it is. Wow! I made this card for her last week. I think she liked it :) I liked it and it's given me an idea for the future... I seem to be getting a bit quicker with making cards now, I seem to have a good idea of the final outcome before I start. That's hopefully going to continue as each card used to take up to 2 hours to make. Yes. I don't rush. That's why they are special. I don't "just make them" but put my heart into each. Even if it's a 'quick' make I still plan it out and make sure it's finished well.

"Baby Bell" Baby Shower Book

The baby shower was a success! Everyone went home happy and full of cake. That was the plan! And most of all I think AlliBell enjoyed it too!
Here's the baby shower book that I've just given to her (couldn't put it up before now because it was a surprise!) I didn't want to just stick an invitation on the front so - because I had so many left over - I decided to make it a bit funky, used an invite as a stencil and then spray painted it! I hoped that this would reflect Alli's creative/rock side. It didn't turn out as crisp as I'd have liked but there were no second chances with it. It was a "now or never" type of moment. Ha! The book is from Paperchase! One of my favourite stores. I always feel happy in that store!
Well, inside there were greetings, words of encouragement and advice for the parents-to-be. I also re-wrote some of the relevant things that happened during the shower for her to remember. Last of all I finished it off with a few photos and a copy of the invitations.
I hope that she likes it and enjoys reading it now and in the future :)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Happy Birthday Abigail!!

Well today my sister and I turn 22! 7/7 is a good day. I made her this poster for her bedroom. I thought I'd keep it bright and bold so she could see it clearly. I personally need this reminder ha! I hope that she likes it as she did request it a few months ago. Happy Birthday Abigail! :) x

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Look what I got!! Yes I've been told that it's not right as a Graphic Designer to have a Kindle but I still said I'd like one. My wonderful husband and a a few other family members clubbed together to get me this for my present. I'm so excited and can't wait to use it. No more heavy bags from massive Harry Potter books! Wooooo!! Yes I'll miss turning the pages but I'm prepared to compromise here.
I wonder what book should be honoured and put on first? NIV study Bible I think! The Lord goes first :) Then probably HP6? Let's see...
Thank you to all who contributed to this I really didn't expect to get it! Thank you thank you thank you!! x x x x x x

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Genius that is

I can't pretend that this is an original post but I'm still excited to do it. After a couple of people I know posted about their deliveries I thought now that I've finally been introduced to (about a year later) that I'd show you mine! I love it just for the packaging and presentation! How exciting.
It's also making me try new things. Interested? Why don't you take a look for yourself!

Congratulations Tom & Suzie!

Made for You by Me! 2012

Well I think that the Baby season has officially started at church! There's babies being born all the time but I think that the new line of pregnancies has just started to roll! I made this card for a couple who've just had a son (their first child). I wondered when I'd be able to use that stamp again :) I think it worked well here. Not too much detail but hopefully not too much layering either?
I wonder who will pop next? The adventure of life continues...

Monday, 2 July 2012

Paint your' pot UK style!

I'm excited to tell the world that I've officially been to paint my own pot in the UK. Last time I did this I was about 13 years old and it was in the USA with my step-family. I really enjoyed it over there and have always wanted to go over here too.
On Saturday I went to a little place called The Potter's Den, in Holmfirth, where a group of us girls had a lovely time. Each of us painted our own creation. The image shows you mine as it was drying and getting ready to be fired in the kiln. We should get them back at the weekend. I'm expecting it to be really bright as I accidentally forgot that it's much paler when you put the paint on originally. I'll post the final mug up when I get it back. Can't wait to use it!!

Bake Sale!

Well it's been a while but I thought I'd update you on what's been going on since we had our internet connected at the new house! Yeay!
This weekend was as busy and eventful as ever. Never a dull moment... I was asked to lend a baking hand with the Cathedral Mice bake sale on Sunday. So I had a baking session on Friday to make my contribution; Cornflake buns. Mmmmmm!
I also made a big Victoria Sponge for the long awaited baby shower that I've been planning with a friend called Al, for another friend called AlliBell. I designed the shower invites earlier in the year. If you've not seen them see here! I'm really proud of them! Unfortunately I didn't get chance to take a photo of my baking work. The party went really well and the Mummy-to-be gave us her compliments. That's what it's all about!
There's lots more to post about but I can't until the events have passed so watch this space :D