Saturday, 21 July 2012

Paint your' pot UK style - my final pot

Painted at The Potter's Den (Holmfirth, Huddersfield)
A few posts ago I showed you the mug that it'd painted at the Potter's Den in Holmfirth. I got it back last week and here is the fired version. It's much brighter than I thought it'd be! But I really like it. It's also really nice to drink out of. I just didn't expect it to be glazed so shiny! Can you also see where I forgot to cover? School-boy error on the inside of the handle. Ooops!
If your looking for a chilled out experience where you can be as creative or relaxed as you like, then the Potter's Den is a great place to go. There are a variety of products to decorate starting at £5 and going up to £35. Light refreshments are also served to make the experience more comfortable. They make a good pot of tea there too! :)

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