Sunday, 8 August 2010

Me, Myself & My Little Projects

Oh Baby!
I've been given the privilege of helping arrange my friend's baby shower at the end of August. Between me and my friends' older sister Vanessa (who is also a good friend of mine) we've been asked to arrange the whole event. Celeste is due at the very end of August! So a part designated to me was to design the invitations and make them. It was a very open brief with only a few requirements: Vanessa wrote out the wording and a small brief for me to work from which stated:
1. It must be a neutral design
2. Interior must include text given - general invite, location details and r.s.v.p
3. Include a 'gift ideas' insert referring to the given 'time' (e.g. nappy time, bath time, play time, feeding time). This was to ensure guests didn't all buy like 15 of the same thing!
4. There are 30 guests to cater for
Other than those 4 points the rest was up to me :D
My original idea fell through as when I came to buy the materials the card and colour I required had been discontinued! Gutted! So whilst still in the shop I had to mentally re-design the whole thing on the spot remembering the design MUST be neutral. That was hard looking at what they had in store as I had limited resources.
Above you can see the process and final design.
I do have a background of creating and making greetings cards from scratch since I was 14. I was skint so because I couldn't buy a present for someone I decided to hand make them a card. Then I developed my 'Made for you by Me!' by E.Ward. Even though it's not official, this is what I've stamped my cards with since I started :) I have also done one piece of commercial work for wedding stationary when I was a college. My designs were chosen from the class whilst working on a live brief. I had to make 150 cards in all. I'm also working on my own wedding invitations at present.
However I've stopped making cards in general for a while and I'm waiting for the card making season in me to flair up again. It comes and goes!

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