Monday, 9 August 2010

Me, Myself & My Little Projects

It's all in the Eyes!
Following on from the Bug with Big Eyes post at the weekend, this is my first installment of my "My Eyes!" 'project which will just be ongoing. Just a little bit of fun.
I got the coffee cups when I went on a major shopping day to Meadowhall with my step-mum Zdzisia and we went for a coffee. I had my first 'proper' coffee that day :D I feel grown-up now ha! Even though it was a vanilla late - with LOADS of sugar in it. I'm weaning myself on to it slowly... Anyway, I've had these since that day and wanted to put eyes on them so now I have. I think they look cute. If I have time I'll vectorise them. Maybe that will give them more of a finished look as they don't look their best right now. But it's a start. We'll see how it goes.

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