Tuesday, 16 November 2010

D90s and the Photography Studio (Part 1)

DSLR D90 Studio Workshop.
Man it's been so long since I was in a Photography Studio in charge of a camera (and not being in front of it). We had a 3 hour tutorial yesterday with 4 groups rotating around 3 studio stations and a coffee break. Luckily me and the girls I was with did the 3 stops all way through so we got to download our images and go earlier :) That's always a bonus! Anyway, the first set was for practising portraiture, the second and third sets were for product photography. I didn't want to upload pictures of people on here without permission so they aren't on display. However the ones above aren't amazing but they show I'm trying. This set was one which was possible portable if necessary. These aren't the best images I've ever taken but it shows I played around instead of sticking with a plain white backdrop...

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