Tuesday, 16 November 2010

'E' is for......?

The Great Wall of Type (Year 2 Project)
Our mission is to fill the massive C.A.B building window with a 3D alphabet - created by each Communication Design student making a character (randomly picked out of a box) between 50cm to 100cm tall. I picked out an 'E' :D Yeay!! (Although I have decided to do a lower-case 'e' - Here is my Mock-up. The design is inspired by a dude called Pierre Di Sciullo. It took me over 8 hours to sew by hand as I didn't have a machine at home on Sunday night. This is 14cm tall (25% of final outcome). My deadline for the final 'E' is friday lunchtime when everyone will come together to build "The Great Wall of Type"... Let's hope it doesn't all topple over :) More photos to come when we finish the first part of brief. I also used my Dads DSLR (finally) to take a few more professional pictures). Hope you like :D

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