Thursday, 9 September 2010

Worst Order Ever!

(I'm not normally a negative person but I felt this needed to be shared).
Always check the product before you buy anything online especially with craft materials!
Me and my husband-to-be-in-15-weeks bought card for our invites from an online supplier. Everything ticked the boxes and added up. The price was good and within budget. So we ordered more than enough to do the job. It arrived rapidly within 2 days which was great. It professed to be high quality. However, I treat it exactly the same as any other card I have, cut out and marked up 120 cards ready to be marked up again, ready to be folded. Step by step getting closer to my deadline of this Sunday (12th Sept). When I finally came to fold the card it decided to crack and go ugly!!! The quality was the worst I've ever seen! You can see from the pictures how awful it was! The darker brown is an original mock-up (with card bought from a company that discontinued it's card - hence why we bought elsewhere). The darker brown was thicker than the new card but better quality! I was appalled with the new card which was faulty!! I'm not naming the supplier publicly as I don't know what's allowed when you blog. I just wanted to warn you for future reference. Thanks :)

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