Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Check out the skills!

Would you like some cake?
Cake is one of my weaknesses. Food in general is a weakness of mine however, I love to bake and I'm trying to build up my baking itinerary for when we get married :)
So far I've accomplished:
1. Chocolate Muffins
2. Scones (not 100% but getting there)
3. Banana Loaf!! Woooo! Finally
Next on the "to learn before we're married list" is Carrot Cake. But I don't think that will be yet as I've just been introduced to a great new easy-icing technique for cup-cakes (thanks to my wonderful sister) so I think they are next on MY list :D I'll keep you posted on progress! Mmmmmm!!

1 comment:

  1. The food look's awesome! I'm SOO hungry right now. Off to get some food I think then might do a session of early morning writing hehe.