Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Big Bro Drum Kit Logo

It's a start!
My brother-in-law asked me a while ago about a logo to promote his drum teaching which I finally started today.
He e-mailed me with a small brief and a sample logo he liked as a start.
"A very simple, stencil type image, nothing too complicated. Can be done with multiple colour schemes."
Please don't laugh at it - I know it's nothing spectacular -yet. This image is my very raw beginning version as an idea. I have used basic shapes and as little detail as possible. He liked the idea of an overlay so I made a quick one using a repeated brush tool for a background (left).
However, my next step is to ensure it's a professionally well finished complete logo - not just a bunch of shapes! So I will try a few ways to draw the final logo and see which works the most effectively for the job.

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