Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Wedding Planner

Another crafty personal project is my own wedding stationary. Now I had the invite design sorted for ages, however we decided to change it last week. We bought the materials from an on-line supplier & my deadline to make 120 invites was for Sunday 12th September to give my step-mother to hand write names on (she has beautiful writing). However, I want to warn you that there is a major fault with the card we were sold. It all came as a high-quality card which said suitable for card making. I cut 120 invites out to find that when you fold it that the card cracks across the fold! It looks awful (see 'faulty' photo post). I am gutted! This now means that we won't get a full refund & that time-wise we are set back a week!
We'll hopefully get some more card which is what it says it is by the end of the week. Sorry I'm ranting on, it just really annoyed me & I don't want you to ever have the same problem buying materials online. A lesson learnt here is that you should physically feel & see any materials ordering online when you can. Or ask for samples before you buy. At least me & Mum are going to make a trip out of getting the new card later this week.
Apart from this issue everything seems to be going OK :D My wonderful man is as amazing as ever and working so hard! He is such a blessing. He booked our honeymoon the other day & got his wedding ring! It's all sinking in now. 15 weeks to go!

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