Wednesday, 8 September 2010

What date is it?

What date is it today? Can you believe another month has flown by? Oh my word!
I apologise that I haven't posted for a couple of weeks. It has been hektic! So many events & occasions to orgonise & be at, job searching, friends babies being born, wedding planning, dancing, running around Halifax dressed as Lady CARCAR (whoever said church is boring?), & trying to design my brother-in-law's logo. Mix all these together, add some family time in there somewhere & you get my past month! It's also been the height of the wedding season - 4 down & 1 to go!! :D
I wanted to say what I've been up to so you don't think I was just sat on my butt sice my last post. I also didn't do much comptuer based work to upload.
Most of the personal projects I've been running have been hand-made crafty type ones to do with occasions & events for friends & family. For example the baby shower I was co-host for was a complete success. Working with Vanessa was amazing! Great team work. We received 100% possative feedback from the ladies who attended and Celeste had fun too. I was mainly in charge of the design/crafty side to the party which entailed invites (which I posted earlier last month), name badges, a couple of games - which were so funny - & putting a baby-book together for Celeste which I'm still finishing off.

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  1. So you drive around town in a Lady Car Car for your church?
    Color me curious.
    X David, NYC