Friday, 24 September 2010

Back to University!

Back for Round 2!
University second year has begun now. On Wednesday it was great to see everyone again when we re-enrolled. Today we were given our first Communication Design brief of the year. "Defining Britannia!" So I may require a little audience participation at some point for research. I'm really looking forward to this project - loads of ideas but I always find it hard to get them down on paper so this year I'm going to overcome that issue. Let's get cracking!!

We also have a trip to Whitby next Friday which will be fun. Going back to where we used to go when I was little :) Lots of family history there on both my side and my wonderful husband-to-be's side. Will be interesting to find out what Whitby's direct relevance to our project is. Looking forward to it :D Road Trip!!!

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