Saturday, 5 May 2012

Colourful Quotes

Esther Orridge 2012
Esther Orridge 2012
For a while now I've wanted to make some quotes into graphical pieces. I wasn't sure how I'd do it but this shows my first attempt. A friend came out with a good one this week which was "I love epic!" and immediately I wanted to create a graphic to capture this forever. Each quote I have in mind has a specific story or meaning behind it. They are quotes from people that have impacted my life in some way or that I just have to record somehow. The top one is from the wife of a Pastor who is connected with my church. It's one of the quotes I try and live by because when I'm tired my attitude can stink!!
I also have another typographic idea up my sleeves but as with this idea I'm not quite sure how or when I'll be able to do it. So when I figure it out I'll pop it up here for you to see...
P.s I have no idea why it keeps changing the colours when you click on the images. If you have any ideas I'd appreciate the heads up please :)

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