Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ladies day, oh what a day it was!

Well they are only quick photos but they still prove that they are real. The Ladies Day 2012 was a success and brilliantly planned. The designs I'd done were appreciated too which was really encouraging! I didn't get a photo of the finished Pin Wheels but the team that put them together did them really well. they added 2 A3 size wheels to compliment the small graphical one. They were great table features.
They also asked me to produce slides to inform the ladies of the workshops they could choose from throughout the day. I've added one for you to see.
Overall I was asked to design and produce; a double-sided pin wheel design, 4 x menu cards, 1 x drink card, 5 x slides for the big screens (including the previously posted advertisement slide),
and 2 x A3 posters for the registration area.
I really enjoyed this project and was able to exercise a lot of skills and points that I've picked up on placement. I was more aware of how long things took and about continuity and spacing.

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