Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"How to be a Graphic Designer without loosing your soul"

This was my fantastic Secret Santa present from my work experience placement. I'm in the process of reading it - started over Christmas period - and already being encouraged and learning lots from it. It's written in normal speak! (I'm a simple person so I need straight forward no-nonsense language to understand).
It's basically told me that I'm a normal designer and I'm going through the normal situations and emotions that many others have also done across the globe. It's now explaining about actually getting into the career and what "they" are looking for. Very useful.
It's also graphically well presented - even though it's mainly just text! - which would normally put me off. But it's actually not too back because of the layout and language it's easier to digest and take in.
I will give you a proper review once I have a fair judgement of the whole book.

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