Saturday, 14 April 2012

Personalised Invitation Design

Esther Orridge 2012

Well here's the finished, printed and sent out invitation that I designed for a very close friend of mine. She is having a baby later this year and I have been given the privilege of co-co-ordinating and co-hosting her baby shower.
I was given the exciting task of making the invitations. This HAD to include a reference to the Mini Babybel Cheeses because the Mummy-to-be has the last name "Bell" (the baby is already nick-named "Baby Bell"). So it had to be this!
They have gone out to about 20 of her friends and family.
I'm so happy with the result of this design. I think it's one of the very few pieces I'm proud to present on here :)
And a bonus was that the Mummy-to-be loved them!! Wooo!

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