Friday, 16 March 2012

This coffee is personal..!

Starbucks, Leeds Train Station, Vanilla Latte

... But not quite personal enough! :)
I missed out on my FREE Starbucks Latte the other day when they launched their new personal service which entails the staff writing your name on the take-away cup. Now I thought this was just for the promotional day. But today I decided to treat myself to a Vanilla Latte from Starbucks (normally I go to Costa). I was pretty happy to have a personalised cup however, the lady who served me - even after spelling out my name - spelt my name incorrectly. A bit gutted but I didn't kick up a fuss! I'm just glad she didn't put "F" for Female instead of the "G" (which I'm guessing is for "Girl"?? I've finally shaken off a nickname that I don't want to come back thank you! Ha!
I've also been fascinated by handwriting and how everyone's is expressing something different. I noticed that this has been spelt all uppercase except for the second "e". I'd like to do a personal project on handwriting one day. I have a good favorites list already! You know who you are my lovelies! ;)

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