Sunday, 27 November 2011

HCF Stars in their Eyes 2011!

Well last night was the biggest HCF "Stars in their Eyes" event yet! The set was awesome and the performances were definitely entertaining! Thanks to the guys who put a TV backstage for us to see the performances this time. Good call!
It was so much fun - even if I had to make sure I didn't stain anything with the mass of body paint I was covered with all night. It took 40mins for a friend to plaster on the paint! - And no i didn't do anything to my teeth!
I was on first as "Tina Turner" singing "Proud Mary!" It was so much fun! I hope I made her proud ha! Although I didn't win I'm glad I did it because it was just a fantastic night. All 9 acts gave it their best and the gents who did the "Blues Brothers" were deserving winners. What a performance. Well done guys!
And thanks Dad for the photo! :) x

To see details of other up and coming events at HCF check out the website!
There is:
Winter Wonderland - 3rd December (10-4pm) *Free!*
Seriously Funny Tour - 4th December (7:30pm) *Book tickets now!*
Christmas Celebration - 18th December (6:30pm) *Free!*
Come along and enjoy the events going on!

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