Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Current Projects and Briefs

This year we've done quite a few fast-track briefs. So we've had to step it up.

The two main briefs we've had are "Celebrate the City" where we were required to produce a sketchbook showing our study on a city of our choice. Many students went to NYC on a trip with the Uni but as I didn't go I decided to do our very own York City. So I packed my stuff, borrowed my Dad's DSLR and did a 2 day study on the place. After the first day and it's hick-ups I had to re-shoot. I decided to do a study on the tea rooms of York. I love York, and I love tea so personally I thought it was a kool idea.

The other is a live brief (still ongoing) to design and produce a small selection of Christmas cards for a client. After having a feedback session on Friday with the client I have been given a focus and a direction to go. They liked my ideas which has boosted my confidence and giving my the drive to go further.

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